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K B H in Paris crop

10 October 1925 - 9 December 2014


Trying to shun publicity all his life and avoid major exhibtions, there is considerably less known and on the internet about K B Hancock than there might have been.  Here we give you a glimpse into his world with some interviews, press and general information about his achievements and work.

Meet K B Hancock

Tales of Underpriced Art

Everyone dreams of finding a bargain at a car boot sale or in an antique shop.  Well some people do as you can see from the following two items.  The first is a Faberge egg which had not been seen for nearly one hundred years which a US scrap merchant bought for $8,000 and then it was sold on for about £20 million.  The second relates to two paintings, one by Gaugin and the other by Bonnard which were stolen in England in 1970.  They were left on a train in Italy and an art-loving worker bought them at a lost property auction for 45,000 lire (£19 at the time) and had them on his kitchen wall for 40 years until someone spotted them.  


We've also heard of KBHs being sold cheaply on ebay or local auctions, so keep your eyes peeled - you never know what bargain you might find!

Stolen Gaugin and Bonnard

Sky News item  - check out this link!

A scrap metal dealer buys a golden egg at a stall for £8,000 before discovering it is a rare Faberge egg worth far more.


The Antique Road Show - I always believe they undervalue paintings, particularly beautiful portraits but here are a few other items found ...

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